Saturday, April 16, 2016

Azaleas in the Yard

A row of azaleas on my street
red in my front yard

Spring has progressed with more blooms, and now it's azalea time in my yard.
purple in the back

I'm not sure which I prefer, the flaming reds or the delicate purples. The whites are yet to bloom, but they will add yet another dimension to my yard.

Supposedly azaleas were first added to yard landscapes in the eastern part of the Carolinas in the 1830's, and their beauty has been celebrated ever since, especially at the Wilmington, North Carolina Azalea Festival. I attended once, in high school when my band was invited to march in the parade. 

The piedmont and western regions of the state soon adapted the azalea as their own, thanks to its easy nature when establishing new plants from the generous neighbor's cuttings. That's what we do here, share plants in the southern hospitality way.

The best part of my azaleas, other than adding a bit of color to break the drabness of winter, is that they offer shelter for my cat to rest under when the dog days of summer arrive. That's the true form of southern hospitality, just being there when needed.

Next up, wisteria, already starting to bloom.

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