Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in the 1950's

Halloween was much more simple for the children of the 1950's than it is today, at least in Pilot Mountain school territory. They'd throw on a make shift costume and grab a sack and head out the door.

One person I interviewed told about going trick or treating to the school late one Halloween evening. She was with a few of her friends and they debated which door to knock on. That's not so strange, considering the principal lived in the school building.

There were no security lights at this school, not in that day and age. No need. There was no reason for classroom lights to be lit, either, so the building was completely dark, a gigantic angular monster lurking on top of the hill. Silent, too, I'm sure, since few cars traveled the roads then.

What was familiar in the day, transformed to beyond frightening that night. Those girls didn't even make it to the front steps. They high tailed it home!

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  1. I remember those trick or treat days of our little costumes - the plastic masks that they don't like kids to use now because you can't see out of them very well!

    As for the "ghostly happenings" here - I am enjoying them *grin* - :-D

  2. Everything is scarier on Halloween night.

  3. Halloween is a great night for imaginations to come to life!

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  5. Wow, what a scary story. At first I was wondering what happened but then I caught on. Thanks for sharing.