Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Down in the Valley

Happy Valley sounds like a blissful spot, doesn't it? Toss in people from all across the world and some fiddles and clogs, and you have the most happy spot on earth, at least for a few days of hard earned Labor Day relaxation.

Saturday was competition day. Singing. Picking. Clogging. Strumming. Solo. Groups. All day. With finalists facing off in the evening.

Also with ample activities to entertain the children ranging from barn fun, milking a cow, to playing in the river that flows down in the valley...and even a parade.
This valley reeks with history. Tom Dooley. Daniel Boone. Captain William Lenoir. Three of my books take place down in the valley: Wheels and Moonshine, you can imagine for yourself the goin's on in this book that was such a delight to write; Racing On and Off the Road  in Caldwell County, the valley through which many a drag race thundered in the early morning hours decades ago; and Fly Fishermen of Caldwell County, the life stories of men on the streams that feed into the river these children played in this weekend. Okay, so four books. Dr. Jane Carswell lived there in the valley, too.

Sunday's lineup was chocked full of bluegrass artists singing their hearts out and drawing an appreciative crowd. Even the late afternoon rain shower didn't dampen the enthusiasm. The festival ended on Sunday, but Monday, a local gem of a tiny restaurant held its follow up response by hosting Liver Mush Monday. Proven fact: Breakfast tastes better with live bluegrass music in the background.
Again there was singing.
A bit of clogging.
Picking and grinning.
Lots of grinning.
Plain old valley fun!
I hope your Labor Day was relaxing enough to sustain you through the weeks ahead.
Mine was.

Catch of the day,


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