Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Mentor. That's a short title for an awesome job. That would be me. Mentor.
But wait, isn't everyone a mentor? Walking out the door we teach whether we know it or not. Mentor just labels the reality and ups the responsibility from example to a more personal interaction.
Today I'm headed to the next county over to sign the paperwork to mentor two high school seniors as they finish their senior projects. I've worked with these students over a year preparing them to go abroad with the exchange student orgainzation I'm involved with. I maintained contact with them during their semesters abroad and since they've returned in January. Now they want to give back and volunteer for me as a part of their graduation requirements. Developing a future volunteer base, that's what I'll get out of this process. What will they get out of it? That probably depends a lot on me, so I'll be serious about this.
But first, I must do one pesky chore. Sign the papers so the county can do the required background check on me. This is the real world, after all.


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