Friday, August 4, 2017

Eclipse Options - Wilson Creek, NC

Will the fish in the streams be affected by the eclipse? Something to think about now that I've written a book about fly fishermen and how they study the atmosphere and the weather conditions before they set out on a fishing adventure. I've been reading about the birds coming home to roost during a total eclipse, so to me the next natural phenomena to look at would be the animals of the earth and the fish of the sea.
Wilson Creek, North Carolina
What will the deer do? The bears? The dogs in my neighborhood? The trout in the streams? The bugs and the flies they seek, will they be affected as well?

This picture of Wilson Creek is on the back cover of my book, Fly Fishermen of Caldwell County where co-author Ron Beane and I tell the life stories of twenty-eight men from our county. Nowhere in there is an eclipse mentioned, but there are many mentions of barometric pressure and best time of day and air temperature.

A trout in the stream near the Bill Crump place
Photo by Gene Swanson
Another photo by Gene Swanson
Wilson Creek has been designated a Wild and Scenic River. The process of applying for and campaigning for and succeeding is documented in Ron's chapter of the book.

With all the wilderness involved, I'm not sure if this is the time to venture here. Any other day, yes. Moon invading the sun's space overhead, this I want to see unobstructed.

I'll keep searching.

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  1. You always bring out the most interesting aspects of an event. Now I'm wondering what the animals will do before during and after the eclipse; will the turkeys and deer nearby still march through our yard and what about that bear? Hmmm. Now I'll not only be looking up but also around. I've got my glasses and am ready.