Thursday, August 10, 2017

Eclipse Options - Price Park, NC

I don't know how much my grown children remember about growing up Griffith, but I do hope they hold a special place in their memory bank for our days at Price Park, a campground along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Being only a thirty minute drive from our home, it was the scene of many a Sunday afternoon picnic. It was the launch site for our Boone Fork hike where we learned that half way there meant we couldn't turn around. It was our pop-up camper destination with sitting by the campfire and roasting marshmallows, and smelling bacon cooking in the newness of the morning.

Price Lake
Instead of fall leaves reflecting,
there shall be a mirroring of the moon and the sun playing in the sky
My grands need to experience Price Park, so what better time than during an eclipse. So what if it's only 96.5% blockage. That's still significant. It's wide open viewing over the lake. There's a short hike that my nine year old could easily handle to hear the birds roosting in the dusk brought on by the eclipse.

A favorite spot for artists.
Imagine the picture that would come from an eclipse over Price Lake!
Or the day darkness blanketing a split rail fence
August 21 is getting closer, yet I am no closer to a decision as to where to take my grandchildren. It needs to be memorable. Price Park is a part of their father's memory. If we go there, they shall claim it, too.

Still searching. 

Catch of the day,



  1. Gretchen, Anywhere in Lenoir that would be a good place to watch? Turner gets his braces off that morning and we will not be free until 1. He will not feel like going on a drive.

    1. Yes, the library in Lenoir is having an event starting at two, I think. Check it out. I'm blogging about that next week.

  2. I remember the artist when we went up there. I have some great pictures!