Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl

Not that I ever attended a Super Bowl or anything, but if I ever had any desire to do that, it would be this year.

I've been to only a few professional football games. Cleveland. Denver. Carolinas. Each was entertaining, but I can't even remember who played beyond the home team, or if that home team won. I was more the marching band football supporter growing up. What happened off the field was entertainment enough for me.

Until now. Maybe it's the fact that the television stations I tune to originate from Charlotte, the home of the Carolina Panthers. Maybe it's the fact that I read the Charlotte Observer every morning, including the Panther inserts that have been included for over a week. Maybe it's the constant facebook posts about the game. Maybe it's because I know some people who were lucky enough to win the lottery for tickets and able to plunk down a mini fortune. But more than likely it's the fact that I live in the Carolinas and can't avoid the hype. (We're not North or South for now. We're one Carolina, in case you haven't heard.)

For a word oriented person like me, I've had fun watching how people use words and images to show support. Like dab, and thank you to the several people who posted these pictures on facebook:

Cam Newton dabbing
Dabbing at a workplace
Eighth Grade dabbing
Residents at a rest home dabbing

And a play on words for those of us who remember Little Debbie:

My favorite is the road sign driving north from Charlotte where there's a small town named Denver and another named Newton...Cam Newton...Quarterback for the Panthers...

Of course a driver on the north side of those cities would see completely different road sign, but no one has dared to post a photograph of that. I'll follow up this post next Monday when we see if the sign was an omen. Or not.

Yes, it's been fun watching from the sidelines. I can't seem to shake that marching-band-member-turned-author syndrome.

Catch of the day,


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