Saturday, September 26, 2015

Class Reunions

I'm headed to a class reunion this weekend. Not just any run of the mill class reunion. This is a fiftieth year reunion.

But it's not mine. Whew.

It's my husband's.

Thing is, I know no one at the reunion since we went to schools on opposite ends of the county, west and east. If you think that is a negative, think again. No one knows me either. They won't judge me on how much weight I gained or how gray my hair is or how different I am from that graduation day fifty years ago. That's definitely a plus!

There was a song about my husband's graduation year.

Actually it was the theme song for a late seventies era television show, "What Really Happened to the Class of '65?" that was based on a 1976 nonfiction book by Michael Medved and David Wallechinsky. They were looking into the lives of graduates from a high school in California and what did they find after the first ten years?


Everyday humdrum life. Exciting adventurous life. College parties. Marriage. Babies. Divorce.

Viet Nam.

Where have all the flowers gone?

Good question.

It's time for them to write the sequel. What REALLY Happened to the Class of '65? Ten years was nothing. Twenty years. Thirty. Forty. The decades kept piling up right along with the variations of what REALLY happened.

How many were cheated by death from having the joy of seeing classmates again at this fiftieth reunion? How many will have to remain at home and tend to sick loved ones? How many are too poor at this stage of their lives to afford the banquet fee?

Those who are healthy enough (forget the aches and pains for one night), wealthy enough (even if it is a tight squeeze of a sacrifice), and wise enough (revisiting the past does have benefits), should attend. Those who lived to tell what really happened are waiting.

And I get to watch.

Catch of the day,



  1. That sounds like a really good time. I know you guys had a good time.

    1. I survived! It was actually fun and yes, Sara, I did have a good time.