Monday, May 13, 2013

Where Readers Meet Writers

I have discovered an unanticipated joy of becoming an author...meeting up with fellow readers and fellow writers. Just talking with them is a treat. Since Lessons Learned came out last fall, I've joined other writers in book events and met many people who enjoy reading just for the thrill of it all, my kind of people.

One group I meet with monthly is the Rising Suns of Literary Achievement. We rising suns (I love the name and its connotation) share experiences and ideas on marketing, finding much in common even though we represent a wide range of genres from poetry to nonfiction and every kind of fiction between. We applaud each other's newest releases. We offer suggestions on techniques. In fact, here we are, posing during the event with our books. This also had artists and musicians and a celebratory cake. What a group!!

My inner radar has realigned itself so much that I am finding authors wherever I go. I swapped books with a man at a consignment store at the beach this past week. John Compton's The Spiritual Pilgrimage of John E. Compton, fourth edition. I've not had a chance to read it yet, skimmed through, but not done the in-depth reading it will require. But oh, do I have something precious to look forward to. I hope he finds the same excitement opening the cover to mine.

This coming Friday and Saturday, Lessons Learned and I will be a part of the Blue Ridge Bookfest in Brevard, NC. Any event that has as its slogan, "Where readers meet writers" is my idea of a fun time ahead.

Blue Ridge Bookfest Honorees MontageThis year features author Wiley Cash and his debut novel, A Land More Kind than Home. I just purchased it on my Kindle Fire, downloaded and it's ready for me to read. Come this Friday afternoon, I'll get to meet him, get to express my feelings about his book, ask him questions, soak up his wisdom. I can't wait.

If you are like-minded and anywhere near the western mountains of North Carolina, please join us at the place where readers meet writers.

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