Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Bang

One of my favorite shows on television is The Big Bang Theory. I enjoy the mindless humor, mind challenging though it might be. One episode in particular struck home with me, the Halloween episode from this past year, which just re-ran last week. Halloween in May.

Here's a part of the CBS description:

Wolowitz is back from space and won't stop talking about it, which drives his wife and all of his friends crazy. Bernadette confronts him and he gets dejected.

There, did you catch the "won't stop talking about it" comment? He (Howard Wolowitz) lived the experience of soaring into space and could not stop talking about it, in fact, did not want to stop. Further into the episode, Wolowitz connected every statement, every action, every possible hook to "that reminds me, when I was in space..." and off he'd go telling yet another space story.

I feel his pain.

That would be me and the Pilot Mountain School project I lived with for three years. During the interviewing process, the researching, the writing, and especially since it has come out on the market, I could connect everything to the story. Everything. Just like Wolowitz.

Marbles? yes.

Mollypops? of course.

Carrot Cake? yes.

And when the Big Bang friends baited Wolowitz tossing out words to see how he could possibly connect them to his trip in space, he didn't disappoint. That set me to thinking. I grabbed an Our State Down Home in North Carolina magazine, pointed to a word at random, wildlife, and immediately connected it to the school's story. Of course there was wildlife. This was a mountain school, after all, surrounded by wildlife. Plus, there was the recess game, Fox and Hound, where two boys ran so far into the woods from the "hounds" they were late coming back to class.

Next word, furniture. Easy. The furniture was built by the NYA, National Youth Administration boys, who also helped build the school.

Driver? Bus drivers, of course.

Hot dog? The story about the girl who ate her first hot dog ever in the school cafeteria. Thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Her words.

Throne? That one stumped me until I thought of the outhouses behind the school and the first year of the indoor restrooms. Sure, I can connect throne.

Even Big Bang...The day the eighth grade class heard a still blown up by the revenuers and one boy commented, "There goes my family business."

So forgive me in the writing of these blog posts as I go off on tangents. I have too much to share to stop now.

Catch of the day,


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