Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sweet Lesson

Talk about Lessons Learned!

This week I discovered that writing about the past often proves to be much easier than writing about the present. The past is set in stone, over with, waiting patiently (sometimes) for the storycatchers of the world to chip away the clutter and find the real story. The present, however, is still the clay waiting not so patiently to be formed and dried into that stone. 

Rambling on...Once a book is written, it changes the present into the past before the ink is yet dried, regardless of any attempt by a well meaning author...As in Lessons Learned, Chapter 13, the Turning Points chapter, where I describe the current Pilot Mountain School facility, where I made a futile attempt at keeping the present frozen in time. When I wrote the book, there was a consignment shop in the facility. Now there's not.

When I wrote the book, the baked goods were part of the coffeeshop. Now they're not. And that is good news, because as of this Thursday, the once upon a time original cafeteria is now a bakery.

What a delicious sounding name! And what delicious looking treats await the visitor to Pilot Mountain School. If you are looking for a good excuse to visit the school, what better time than opening day, this Thursday, May 9. Sweet!!

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  1. Always changing. I didn't know. Now I really have to stop by. Yum!