Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Show and Tell

One well established, can't-have-a-true-American-education-without-it tradition is what teachers call "Show and Tell." The child brings something to school, stands in front of the class, and tells all about it. All about it. Then come the questions from the class, usually not asked in an interested sort of way, but in a let's waste more time so we don't have to do the work sort of way.

The first day back after Christmas break always began with show and tell. Show us what Santa brought. Tell us about your holiday.

One girl brought her doll, the one she'd asked for and found under the tree on Christmas morning. She couldn't wait to tell all about it.

She sat near the back of the class. The teacher started at the front. Half the class shared and then the teacher put a stop, pulled the plug so to speak, said, "Tomorrow we'll let the rest of you share what you got for Christmas."

Next day, Mama wouldn't let the girl bring her doll to school, said, "Yesterday was show and tell."

The girl still remembers the sting. Sixty years old and it still hurts.

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