Monday, June 25, 2018

Dr. Carswell, the Video

As I was working on the Dr. Jane Carswell project, Dr. Beth Davison, director of Interdisciplinary Studies at Appalachian State University, was working on a project of her own, a video that tells the life of this extraordinary physician. She prepared a tribute to Dr. Carswell that we debuted at the museum last week. Today she sent a link to me to share with the world, which I am more than thrilled to do. Oh. My. Take a look at this:
We worked a bit together, Beth and I did. She made use of several photographs I had sent her and I made use of her interviews with friends that knew Jane well. She read through my manuscript's chapters and harvested information from them to include in snippets throughout the video. I quoted from the interviews she had painstakingly taped.

Thing is, we ended up with two different products. They overlap, but stand alone.

I never imagined myself writing a biography, yet here it is. I sure picked a whopper of a subject to start with, didn't I?

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