Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When Christmas Feels Like Home

A friend of mine just posted about one of my books on her Grateful Writer blog,
Thanks for the mention, Sandra Warren.

Eduardo asks, "When will this feel like home?"
Christmas is not all that far away and her holiday post reminded me of the tradition we have to bring out something as simple as an ornament from our past, if nothing else but to make us feel more like we're home. Or to make our newest home, feel like home. Reading what she wrote will brighten a rainy depressing day like today, so click on over.

I haven't started tree trimming for this season, focusing instead on an outdoor Christmas Trail drama my church presents yearly. We opened last Sunday evening in the rain, not a pleasant task, but we did it! Below is a photograph from that evening. If you are around the western North Carolina area December 4 - 6, drop by Lelia Tuttle Memorial Park, 4010 Hartland Road, Lenoir for a walk through the woods and experience the Biblical Christmas story. Groups depart the picnic shelter every seven minutes starting at 6:30. Dress warmly.

Courtney Chapel photograph by LaRae Spears Bradshaw
This picture shows our church chapel reconstructed in 2007 using logs from our 1825 church building. It's a bit of the past that makes me feel like I've found a home whenever I sit on the handmade pine benches. I feel a connection. 

Isn't that what we're all after? Connecting, whether it's to a moment from our past or to the love of our present. Connecting, so that no matter where we are, we still have a bit of home with us.

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  1. Yes, connections are so important. This chapel is adorable. I love that it was built from original church lumber. The Christmas program sounds perfect. Maybe I'll get there. You never know.