Monday, October 8, 2012

Turning Point Softball Game

Pilot Mountain School, as I point out in Lessons Learned, is no longer a formal school in the traditional sense. Please allow me, however, to point something out now, postscript, and to take you outside the box, onto the ball field behind the school.

Pilot Mountain School is still the scene of many lessons learned.

I learned a few this past Saturday myself at the annual Turning Point Services Softball Game.

Sportsmanship. Support. Value. Perserverence.

Many of the stories I caught during my three years of interviews and research took place on the softball field behind the school, but none are as dear to my heart as the ones about the annual ball game between, actually "among," the clients of Turning Point Services. These special needs adults have aged up and beyond the limits of childhood education services and are now as young adults or middle agers, a part of this unique program.

The day was slightly cloudy, enough to take away the glare of the sun, but not enough to cast a chill. The peanut gallery was in place, bags of peanuts at the ready. The emcee/sports announcer stood behind the backstop, clearly announcing each name as the player stepped up to the plate.

The crowd lined the walking trail down the third base line...
parents, grandparents, employees, caregivers, community volunteers, all ready and eager to cheer for everyone, not just their own.

On this one day, no one was handicapped. No one was singled out as different. Everyone was a winner. Pilot Mountain School lives on in new lessons learned.

Life should take a lesson.

Catch of the day,


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