Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Pilot

Great name, Pilot. It conjures up images of a captain at the helm of a troubled ship, of a fearless aviator or even a Snoopy on his dog house roof. Usually, though, a mountain doesn't come to mind.

Unless you are in North Carolina, naming mountains.

There are eight mountains in the state with the name Pilot Mountain. I knew of two, but when I was cross checking my facts yesterday in the NC Gazetteer I found the list. Eight. Here's the Pilot Mountain this school is named for:

I suppose Pilot is to mountain like Main is to street and Washington is to county. Common but significant. Purposefully chosen.

The Pilot stands out. The Pilot is the guide. It is the steadfast always-there-to-find-the-way landmark.

When names were being tossed about hundreds of years ago, no one bothered to check if there were other Pilot Mountains. The name was a matter of convenience, a recognition of the mountain's purpose. That mountain was the pilot that gave direction to their wanderings.

So when it came time to name this school, Pilot Mountain fit. It conjured up what the community wanted for the children. What a perfect name for a school.

Catch of the day,



  1. Hi Gretchen,

    You can take a word and create a blog post. Amazing! You are the perfect pilot for this project.

    Linda A.

  2. We agree with Linda A.
    Please keep it up.