Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to the Past

I'm back. I'm eager. I'm refreshed and ready to write.

A couple months of travel, grandchildren and old friends does wonders to a storycatcher's soul. It gives more stories to tell around the table, true. But it also offers a much needed step away to mull over things during the long hours on the road. And mulling I've done.

Surprise here. I've missed my new friends, the 1940's children of Pilot Mountain School. I've been meeting them as adults, but I really know them as children not only through the many interviews but also through the hours in the library reading newspaper accounts of their polio epidemics and rabid dog at the bus stop horror stories.

Now I'm working on the 1950's, meeting even more children through their adult voices. I am so ready to go back to the past. I'll keep you informed through my catch of the day, so join me as I uncover the stories.



  1. certainly the past is fascinating -to those who will take the time to hear and learn from these stories. Looks like you're on a great adventure. And you never know, some fiction might develop as a result of these interviews too!

  2. Gretchen,

    Keep pulling in the catch of the day.

    Linda A.

  3. I love to read, or sit and listen, to the many stories of yesteryear. I'm so looking forward reading your finds my dear friend... The Storycatcher!